• Multi-Disciplinary Research: IMPRI conducts non-partisan social science research using empirical and theoretical methods. By adopting qualitative and quantitative design methods, we specialize in evidence-based knowledge creation. Major fields of study include anthropology, economics, sociology, political science and psychology. Our research focus includes education, affordable housing, basic amenities, agriculture, food and nutrition security, energy security, gender justice, governance, international politics and foreign policy, water and sanitation, and inclusive and sustainable development.
  • Policy Research: IMPRI addresses the pressing need for authentic research and evidence for generating systematic policy and societal response for critical challenges of regional, national and international development, economy, governance and environment. For conducting policy research, we rely upon raw data from official statistics, field surveys, focused group discussions, observations from random control trials and interviews through well-structured questionnaires. Through intensive data-driven research, we conduct studies and prepare research reports with highest editorial standards.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies: Monitoring and evaluation keeps a keep track of key outcomes and impacts related to the different project components, by assessing the relevance, impact, efficiency and sustainability of interventions and the contributions of the intervention to the results achieved. IMPRI undertakes consulting assignments for monitoring and evaluation of interventions of government, non-government entities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) of businesses and social enterprises to provide information on the performance of the intervention and act as a guide for future activities. For this we adopt well-designed research methodologies using primary surveys, perform baseline, mid-line and end-line research and record responses for proper data analysis, reporting and documentation.
  • Impact Assessment: Being able to assess and articulate the impact created by an initiative or program intervention is a powerful means of communicating the contribution of activities of the government, non-government organizations, CSRs of businesses and other social enterprises. Impact assessment measures the effectiveness of organizational activities and judges the significance of social, economic and environmental impact on beneficiaries brought about by those activities.
  • At IMPRI, We: Assess the relevance of strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of organizational structures and management systems demonstrate to the donors the impact of their contributions demonstrate the effectiveness of the program to the potential funders embrace transparency to underscore an effective and well-functioning organization show to the public the effectiveness, relevance and efficiency of operations to mobilize wider support.Through advanced methodologies, intensive data-driven research and utilizing qualitative and quantitative techniques, we conduct prospective and retrospective impact analysis and assessment and prepare reports with highest editorial standards for informing policymaking.
  • Events and Conferences: Embracing multi-disciplinary projects, IMPRI moves beyond fact-finding and into recommendations and organize academic conferences and workshops to communicate with expert audience and the public. We organize and collaborate for events and conferences on the various areas of our research focus and partner with other institutions for the same.
  • Training Programs: We believe that knowledge sharing, and imparting skills are important factors for creating an informed citizenry. Towards this, our highly-qualified team and network of subject experts organize time-variable training programs and workshops on subjects of social science research, public policy, statistical software packages, data analysis as well as on content writing and inculcating soft skills.
  • Content Writing and Copy Editing: To showcase a well-oriented value proposition in a write-up, IMPRI undertakes writing assignments for research articles, research proposals, white papers, blog posts, case studies, podcasts, video scripts, social media updates and campaign strategies, and other pieces that fuel content marketing. Copy editing is a necessity in publishing and is important for unique to marketing and advertising. The editorial team at IMPRI engages in proofreading, fact-checking, grammatical error correction, fixing sentence structure, removing duplicate words, and in other activities to make sure the write-up provides for a good read. Our well-informed and precise content writing achieves the goals of the clients of articulating information with clarity.
  • Networking and Expansion Support: We partner with networks of individuals and organizations as ‘research and knowledge partners’ where we share our skills, expertise, knowledge, resources and connections in an accountable and transparent manner based on principles of reciprocity. We advise, support and facilitate strategic decision-making for creating effective and credible impact. With a commitment to good governance, rule of law, market economy and democratic principles, we collaborate with colleagues to gather data and publish research. We seek associations with like-minded non-partisan organizations that aim for creating impact for the greater good and giving back to the community.